Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year´s day in Cusco!

Hello and Happy New Year to whoever might be reading this! I believe this year, 2012, could be absolutely fabulous for everyone if we believed that we could truly create our own unique realities. So I am going to keep on creating my belief that I shall be down here on this planet for next Christmas and if I am not then that is perfectly fine too. If there is perfection in every snowflake then there is perfection in every death but right now I am focusing my thoughts to find a plane to return to Europe as my time here in Cusco is coming to an end. I still have a few more adventures to explore with my godson Jack and then it will be London and back to the island of Ibiza. My intention is to create The Light House, some kind of healing place, not exactly sure what and of course I have no idea where or how and have no money but if it is supposed to manifest then it will. But meanwhile the most important thing is to live each moment, one day at a time, for none of us know what the next moment could bring to us. And I don´t think I have much else to write today as last night I was up late with Jane and Jack, Kia and Natalie, watching the fireworks of Cusco, drinking champagne, laughing and having fun and today of course I feel a little fragile. So again I wish you the most magical, fabulous New Year and don´t worry about the end of the world, I think the Mayans simply got bored of writing their complicated calendar and all sorts of amazing things are about to happen on our planet!!!! Until tomorrow!

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