Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peru to India!!

Well I have not been exactly prolific this week with my pink prose as I have spent much of the week reclining and moaning in bed! Now as crazy as this seems I am going to tell you the two options I seem to be facing....either I am truly dying fast and those creative cancer cells are racing round my body  determined to have me out of here in a pink box or I am becoming a fifth dimensional light being!! And of course I have chosen to think the latter which made Jane roar with laughter when I told her about it. 

You see, all week pains have been flowing through my spine, legs, kidneys and two people told me that it was kundalini energy rising and I wasn´t to worry about it. So of course I way prefer that and apparently some huge blast of light energy hit the planet last week and that was on one of the days where I was in bed moaning. And because I am here in Cusco, one of the high vibrational centres of the Universe, then who knows what the hell is happening and why couldn´t this all be because of shifting energy? So I am sticking to that and today bounced out of bed feeling fabulous and to celebrate had a coffee!!

Then I lay on the bed in the fuchsia pink room that is my office to talk to my angelic friend in India, Tristan!! Everyone should have a Tristan in their life, no truly, he is one of those people that no matter what you are feeling, he makes you feel a million dollars instead of a waste of space. He is an NLP maestro and his ability to find the right words at the right moment is truly remarkable. So he took me through my vision of the future, where I truly do see a Light House in Ibiza and of course he is part of the vision. Somehow we will manifest this house and it will spin off into some magical story. The how and the where and the money and all those details are of little importance for I know only too well that when a dream is in your heart it will be created and this has to be created. Walking through this exercise with him was very powerful and helped me gain more and more clarity, which is the key to visualisation. And I suggest if you are wishing to create something in your life you do the same exercise with a friend. Simply talk through whatever it is you wish to create in the future but right down to tiny details, like the colour of the walls, or the flowers in the garden or whatever it is who are dreaming about. The more clarity you have about the dream the more it will inevitably come true. 

I think I talked about this in my last blog but it seems so important to me right now and using our imagination is one of the most powerful things we have and we forget this!! So don´t, please keep imagining every day and you will be amazed at what will happen to you.

And don´t you think it is just amazing how you can talk for free with skype from Peru to India? I think it´s a miracle and having Tristan as my friend is a miracle too. Honestly if you haven´t got into skype then just do it cos keeping in touch with friends around the world is one of the most wonderful things down here. Without friends, life is just not worth living!!

Right time for one more little coffee and I will check if I have a photo that you might wish to see. 
A typical scene at the market!! Have a beautiful day!xxx


  1. found this online: The fifth dimension is a superconscious area of clear white light, of simultaneous knowledge, insight and intuition, of all form in time and space, and of divine consciousness. Most experience the fifth dimension through brief intuitive flashes and insights. To prolong fifth dimension consciousness it is important to develop sound mental and physical habits.
    Keep up the writing for us all!!!

  2. 3rd time lucky.... I hope! I've tried to post a comment twice before... and both were pretty cool comments! But got deleted :(

    So, what to say... well, quite simply Emily, you are an absolute inspiration! To me and no doubt many others.

    The way you write, the way you live, the way you share - are examples of speaking your truth in a world which is crying out for honesty and leadership. You have those qualities and so much more - humility, humour and the experience of having had 'horrendous' challenges that you have overcome.

    The way you live and the belief you have in yourself and the Universe means you are able to transcend those challenges; going through the suffering without being overwhelmed by it... and this means you are able to support others to go through their own suffering and healing, as someone who has truly walked the path right to the edge and even beyond.

    Keep using and sharing your unique gifts as often as you can... and look after No1 first so that you can really look after others!

    You are one in a billion... keep shining your light... God only knows, the world needs it!
    With love