Sunday, January 8, 2012

a dying week but with laughter!!

Hello!! Well so much for writing this every day but you have to forgive me as the past week has been somewhat deathly, culminating with once again, all my worldly goods being stolen from under my feet in a great restaurant here in Cusco.
So for the dying bit first, well we are not exactly sure what happened but I feel I poisoned my body with some healing concoction from America. The effects were overwhelming and left me four days in bed, passing out on the kitchen floor, my shaman saying she saved my life plus thinking I now have bone cancer, which I most certainly dont´t and Jack and Jane basically planning my pink funeral. But the body and the soul have marvellous powers of recuperation and on Friday I felt so much better and by Saturday wanted to go out to lunch to see a friend who had been robbed the night before...Kia´s Mum, the little friend who came with Jack and me to the airport.
Here she is having a chocolate milkshake in her air hostess costume!

Anyway the strangest think happened..over our fish soup Natalie was telling us about the robbery and I asked her to stop cos, once before when someone was going over the details of being robbed I was then robbed the next day. And here we go again. She leaves the table to go with Jane to buy some cakes for tea and I am busy takling with Raquel my darling friend who runs the home we built together for kids, and wham I look down and no bag! No credit card, no money, no fabulous sun hat, no nothing and I laugh. I truly laugh and realise yet again that one of the great things about dying is that you truly do not give a damn about the things that don´t matter. And my robbery made everyone else laugh too and the day ended on a total high.
So I am now wondering what is going to happen to me this week...should I get out of bed or simply lie there reading a fabulous book?
However i do have an appointment with an australian clairvoyant to see if he can see when i shall be arriving at the pearly gates!! So make sure you read the next blog! bye for now and go and have some fun!

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  1. Where you at Ollas Bravas, I lost my passport and everythere too.