Friday, December 30, 2011

Dying swan!!

Oh being a blog virgin can drive you mental! I have just spent the past hour writing a great blog and even managed to post a photo and then wham I press the wrong button and the whole thing disappears. However, instead of giving up and going for a bath I have decided to continue and try all over again, which, considering I spent the night on the sofa in front of the christmas tree moaning, vomiting and playing to perfection the role of a dying swan, is pretty amazing for me. The swan bit was all my own fault.  I had taken, for three days, some super powerful concoction of citric acid and something else that is supposed to wipe out of your body anything that is not meant to be there. I didn´t think it was meant to wipe me out as well but it tried for the effects were truly dreadful and I shall not be taking one other drop of the stuff ever again, no matter what it is supposed to do for me!
I have taken plants for the past five years, I have gently and slowly walked an aleternative path of healing and no matter what the future holds for me iIshall not take chemicals or posison or anything, just plants. so maybe that was the whole purpose of spending the night as a dying swan. However I did cheer up watching Jamie Oliver teaching monks in an Italian monastery how to cook.  Right now i shall atttempt the amazing feat or trying to post a photo....well I have but of course it popped up in the wrong place!!
That is the fabulous Jack, my godson, with whom I spent such a magical day at Cusco airport!! There is nothing more wonderful than spending time with kids and having fun! And now it really is time for my bath!! Have a great evening!!

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