Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Die smiling!!

Well dying must be a fun topic for some cos I have now have 17 followers! And yes I am again over the moon. So it is a beautiful Cusco morning and I decided with Jane last night to ignore the conversation with my Shaman and let her stay in her reality cos I am quite happy in mine!!
In the middle of the night I kept thinking that each of us lives down here creating their own unique reality. Right now, I am creating mine to be as healthy and fabulous as possible and who knows with meditation and postive thinking and a great diet and  this powerful feeling that I have not finished down here I might have years ahead of me. This is MY reality. But if someone else´s is, I have bone cancer, then that reality is not exactly vibrating with mine, is it??? So the point here is to be super conscious of everything that is around me and ignore anything that does not vibrate with how I am trying to live and heal. Does that make sense?? Well it does to me! And I suggest you try it to....if things around you are not making you happy and alive and feeling fabulous then make some changes before you begin dying!!! ok.
Now for your historical death tip for the day. Get this, cos it really made me laugh. The Ancient Phonecians apparently couldn´t handle dealing with their elderly citizens who were dying and so to make themselves feel better they gave them a plant based potion which forced a smile on their faces, then they were ritualsitcally killed!! And this was the same for convicts, murderers etc. So everyone died with a great smile on their faces!! I just love finding out all these crazy facts. Maybe I should go to the Pub quiz tonight here in Cusco, I am sure if there were questions on death I would now be a total expert!!
Right now for a photo. I have no idea who took this but it was in my computer and as I really want to paint sunsets then this is my kind of sunset....lots of pink!!! Wow it really would be the most amazing job, don´t you think, to paint the sunset every evening. I honestly couldnt think of anything more lovely!! So on that fabulously positive note have a magic day and more tomorrow.


  1. Hi Emily. I'm so enjoying your thoughts and musings on life and death. I think its a subject we should all be discussing more openly - which will lead to less fear and allow us to enjoy whatever time we have here on earth more fully.

    I firmly believe death is not the end - just the end of the body's phase on earth.
    Still, facing one's mortality is scary for anyone, and I admire your strength and fascination with the situation you find yourself in - and I think you'd do a fabulous joby painting sunsets! : )

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring blog.

  2. I agree with Laverne. It is a shame that we can't discuss death with honesty.
    Beautiful sunset!