Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Over the moon!

I am over the moon....I have three blog followers and though I have no idea who they are it makes me feel great that people out there, somewhere, are actually reading my thoughts!! So I had better make them fabulous thoughts, inspiring, uplifting etc. though I have to confess today I am not in an inspired mood as I have been struggling for the past hour to drink some concoction that my Shaman has made me for me and she will kill me if i don´t drink it! Tonight she is to talk to me so I can face reality (thought I should put that in the dreaded black) probably meaning death yet again!! She is convinced the cancer is in my bones and I am convinced that I am going to be down here for years to come, writing this blog and creating my healing vision in Ibiza. So my life right now feels sort of like Russian Roulette so you have to keep reading my pink prose to see what happens!
As for the latest death research I had a great time yesterday looking up stuff on the way the Egypticians dealt with dying and it was truly fabulous. For them death was simply a temporary interuption to life and not the complete end of it. I find this very comforting. Plus they believed that when they left the body they would face a counsel who would weigh their heart on scale with a feather. If the heart weighed less than the feather then wham you were through the pearly gates and if it was heavier well you were sent somewhere else!!! I love that idea.
And then I came up with an original idea of my own! DIE.... for me now means Dare I Expand? And yes I do dare, for life is all about growth and expansion, adventures and exploring  cos if it wasn´t then why bother being down here??
Right that is enough thoughts for today so I will see if I can find a photo for you of me.... someone asked for one so you can judge for yourselves if it looks like I am leaving for the pearly gates this week!!!
I think I have a lot of life left in me and with the amazing help of my wonderful friend Jane, who I am sure wishes on occasion that I was already at the pearly gates, I reckon I will be down here for a lot longer. And if not, then that is fabulous too. I shall ask God if I can be in charge of painting the sunsets. I cound´t think of a nicer job!!
So until tomorrow have fun, laugh lots and never take anything too seriously, epsecially yourself!

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  1. Hello there Dot. Sounds like a rough day ahead with your Sharman. Someone has been painting a fabulous sunset here in Brisbane this afternoon. Love your blog and thought I would just pop in to say hello and to introduce myself. I am Jane's sister and have heard very fondly of you for many years. We have all read your book and heard of your tales and adventures. You are an inspirational lady and I am thankful for your closeness with Jane and Jack who I miss terribly every day. - Your determination and dedication in setting up the girls home has inspired one of my daughters who is planning on doing the same thing. I hear you put some paint brushes to work while Jane and Jack were out for a visit - she knew you would be up to something. Although I have never met you I have always enjoyed hearing Jane and Jack's updates about what you're up to. Best wishes. Tanya