Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little miracle!

Life is full of small miracles and today was fabulous because when I arrived at the dentist to undergo a major drama all the infection had cleared up and the Dentist was totally surprised. I wasn´t cos I had decided to ignore taking the antibiotics, tune into my "inner doctor" and boosted up my Peruvian plants with extra doses of Macca and Graviola. So all I had to have was a cleaning. The relief was overwhelming and I think I shall celebrate by having a hair cut! This just goes to show that following your intuition really does work and to me it means that if my body can recover from an infection then maybe, just maybe, this whole story of bone cancer is not true at all. So all I have to now do is keep eating more and more, get myself super strong so I can fly back to Europe when the card arrives. 
I have learnt so much over the past five years of healing and if anyone wants to know more about my alternative journey then they can read my book "Cancer Healed Me" which is available on w.w.w.lulu.com both as an e book and a real one!! My new book is called "Follow your bliss, if not what´s the point?" and that should be ready to buy in a few weeks and I think you might like it! And I am planning another one, a sort of 101 things to think about before you die!! I have already written eight thoughts so it´s in its early stages but the more I keep being challenged the more I have to think about!! However I have now asked the universe for simple, beautiful, normal every day challenges and I hope they up there are listening!

Photo time... This is a photo of my wonderful friend Eblynn who owns one of the most beautiful dress shop that I have ever visited. It is a magic shop and she designs magical dresses, dresses that make your soul sing, truly. We had lunch together today as she is about to go off travelling and I may not see her again for a while. She is one of the most talented women I know and yet despite her talent she doubts herself and her mind sometimes will not allow her to enjoy all the gifts she has. So many of us are like this and I know that however hard it maybe for all of us we have to ignore all the negative stuff wandering around our brain and embrace all our gifts wholeheartedly, if not what is the point of having them!!
So on that note have a lovely evening or day wherever you are and remember you truly are fabulous!! No matter what anyone else thinks!

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