Friday, March 2, 2012

The jungle story begins here in Lima!

Hello from Kerry's dress shop!
This shop is now my grounding in "this world" as the jungle adventure seems to have begun! So let me explain. Last night, I knew I had to somehow  move through the final fear barrier and so, which is remarkable for me, I decided to do some research on the Internet. I was looking at the links between quantum physics and healing and by chance, if chance exists, up came a site with this huge article plastered all over its opening page..."Why Shamanism Works". I read it out loud to Kerry and danced around her shop in delight. It was the most amazing positive article linking shamanstic practices with the quantum field and how incredible healings could and do take place with gifted Shamans. Then to follow up on this idea I briefly checked out the website on Matrix Energetics, a form of healing which I once explored in San Diego and found this....

"The product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that  physical observable changes become the product. You are creating an altered state, a different reality which you energize  and give life to with your active imagination."

This completely links to the world of Shamanism for with their rituals you enter a total different reality and with conscious intention can effect the outcome of whatever you are dealing with. I know this now, with no doubts, and I know that going to the jungle and consciously working in the ceremonies with powerful intentions will reduce  my tumors and complete my healing on the physical plane. But I have not yet finished my story, I have hardly begun. Get this......

So I went to bed elated and full of excitement and in the morning woke up with very strange pains, pains that I had never really before experienced, yet despite the pain I felt on a total high. At breakfast, Kerry informed me that yesterday her friends had called Maestro Femine and he had begun to work on me during the night! He told them exactly what kind of cancer I had, how many tumors and what was now happening to me physically. This knowledge came from thousands of miles away without seeing or talking to me and with no information on my condition. The Maestro only knew my name!!!!! So you see the jungle story is beginning here in Lima! And in the chic hairdressers where I went for a haircut, it felt as if tiny healing darts were being shot at me from the selva! Truly!  So clutching my breast and watching my hair go a kind of weird pink colour, I drank gallons of water just desperate to get out into the air and go home and sleep.

Now I sit here on this balmy evening, in the magic dress shop, writing this and feeling ready for the meeting tomorrow with Alberto, the Maestro's assistant. I know so soon I shall be amidst the mosquitos and crocodiles and wild and wonderful things of the jungle but  now I feel prepared, like an explorer going on a mission... a mission to learn as much as I can about all of this, so in the future, which I will have created, I will be able to help  many people with their own unique healings. This is all perfect, for this is the story I have created and I now have to live it wildly, passionately and full of trust.

We all write our own stories but it is our fantastic imaginations that can create all we dream about, our worlds within this world. So wherever you are begin to think what you would like to create with your magical imagination and I know that with conscious intent you truly, truly can create whatever you dream about. I can and will create this healing and I will share it with all of you in the hope it inspires you, in turn, to create more and more joy and magic and beauty in your lives and for all those around you.

So on that fabulously, postive note I shall say goodnight and stop worrying about my pink hair!!
With much love, Emily. xxx

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  1. Emily dear, this keeps erasing my posts so I have just sent you an email. I love you! I love you! I love you! Can I come to the jungle to see you? Am I crazy to think it?
    Love Pinky Luscious