Monday, January 30, 2012

The fifth dimension!

I am now writing this for the third time cos somehow I seem to keep pressing a button that is eradicating my pink prose. Maybe it is because I am writing about the fifth dimension and those above are testing my patience!!! Anyway who cares as today I feel fabulous, the best I have in over a month and I am convinced it is because I am entering the fifth dimension more and more, no seriously, check this out, posted today from the fabulous fashion queen in  Lima, Camilla Huntington.....

The fifth dimension is a super-conscious area of clear white light, of simultaneous knowledge, insight and intuition, of all form in time and space and of divine consciousness. Most experience 5th dimension through brief intuitive flashes and insights. To prolong 5th dimension consciousness it is important to develop sound mental and physical habits.

Now if you read it through it is actually not that complicated and quite possible for all of us to connect more and more to this dimension and maybe that is what we are all evolving too. The more we trust our intuition and follow our bliss and ignore all the negativity around us then we are more connected to this fifth dimension. I reckon over the past five years of following this alternative healing path I am definitely moving and more into this understanding and if I had listened to the Doctors etc I would certainly by now, be in a pink box  So when I meditated this morning and tuned into my intuition I felt that during this past month there has been some sort of cleansing process going on in my body and the pains are nothing to do with cancer. I cannot now eat certain foods, my sensitivity has accelerated, all sorts of things are going on that I cannot explain but I implicitly trust the intelligence of my body and shall continue to believe there is some force guiding me and all I have to do is surrender and I will be lead to Ibiza and to create my little Light House.

So on that fabulously positive note I shall now go and have a late lunch. Thank you, Camilla, for sending me that comment which I am sure will inspire many people to continue to follow their bliss and listen to their own intuition more and more!!
And a wild photo of Jack as this blog was getting a little serious!!
Have a lovely day wherever you are and if anyone has any more info on the fifth dimension please send it to me.

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