Saturday, January 21, 2012


Saturday morning here in Cusco, a little grey but I feel way better than yesterday. I now know that I have to leave here and follow my vision of creating a Light House in Ibiza however crazy that may appear to many of my friends. I walked through the grey streets this morning and my soul ached for the beach and for the countryside and an overwhelming sense of completion hit me, a sort of little death if you like. I have been involved in this city for over twelve years now in my work with building the home for kids and now it is time for my home even if it is a hut on the beach!  I keep thinking that all completions are a kind of death whether it be from relationships, jobs, countries and the only way to deal with them is acceptance and gratitude. If I struggle and fight this I will only make it worse so I might as well enjoy my last moments here and not make a drama out of it! So in a very weird kind of way it is yet another practice of letting go, with love, and if I was off to the pearly gates then I would have to be doing the same thing. Does this make sense?? 
All our experiences are utterly dependent on how we view them it is that simple so the more we view things with humour and love the more fun we have. Ok enough of trying to be philosophical and I shall whack in a photo. 

Well for some strange reason this is Jack´s birthday cake and maybe it appeared here, like magic, to remind me and you that life is a celebration. There is so much to enjoy down here and I know daily I have to keep reminding myself to stay in the present, not a give a damn about the future and really trust that everything I need will be upon my path when I need it. And that goes for all of you as well!!
So on that fabulously positive note I shall now meet a lovely friend and go down to the kids home and have lunch. Have a great weekend.x


  1. Thank you for your post.
    I never quite know how to respond to them, without sounding trite or glossing over things.

    But thank you, and you are an inspiration to me

  2. How lovely to receive your comment it always makes me feel that its worth carrying on with the blog as some days I think I have absolutely nothing of value to say either to myself or anyone!! have a lovely day and i am now off to a yoga class to boost up my inspiration!!xx

  3. I'm glad that you are feeling better Emily. You are so right and spot on, about how acceptance is a very hard thing to do and achieve, yet so worthwhile if it can be attained. I am in awe of your self awareness to be able to realise this and be able to put it into practice as it is something I tend to struggle with.

    Your post today was very timely for me. A little serendipity perhaps? ;-) You see, I couldn't work out why I have been feeling so sad today as my youngest started school for the first time.

    I kept telling myself to be happy for him, and I truly am, but despite all the positive self talk, I was still feeling so sad within myself. Reading your post has made me realise my sadness is stemming from the end of the "baby" part of my life and it is time to start letting my child go out into the world. This insight instantly made me feel better. So thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your insights are wonderful for all people, whatever life stage or stage of life they may be in. I look forward to your next post! x