Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dying with Strippers!!!

I feel I owe you all an apology as yesterday I simply wasn´t in the mood for writing. It was a beautiful sunny morning and instead I went to a yoga class which I love. I hadn´t been for a few weeks as I had been feeling little rough and to stretch and move my body just felt fabulous and of course gave me a break from all this death and dying business!! Jane even came into my room this morning at ten o´ clock to make sure I was still alive! She though I might have disappeared in the night!!
Well I sure as hell have no intention of leaving for quiet a while and writing this blog is making me more determined than ever to stay down here. However, I know perfectly well it has nothing to do with me and when my soul decides she wishes to fly off and paint sunsets then obviously I have no choice but to follow. But while I am down here I have loads of wonderful choices and intend to keep visualizing my Light House on the magical island of Ibiza. And when it has been created then all you wonderful blog followers can come and visit!!
Meanwhile I came across a great site giving me details on weird and wonderful death rituals!! And I know this one will make you all laugh. In China, in the Donghai region, wherever that is, funerals are status symbols. A dead man´s reputation and honour is considered to be directly proportional to the number of people who attend his funeral. So relatives hire strippers to pull in the crowds!!! I certainly don´t think I will be doing that but you never know!!
I still haven´t worked out how to connect my photos onto my computer and haven´t worked out how to write to anyone. So bear with me and I really, really will try and get my brain round this  this week. I so want to reply to some beautiful comments I am receiving. I feel so lucky that so many of you have taken the time to write me, I really appreciate it. Ok so now for a photo. Right I definitely have to get my own photos loaded up and this is pretty terrible!!
Have a beautiful day wherever you are  and think about this..."the higher your perspective the cooler your life" will comment more on this manana!.
With lovex

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