Friday, January 20, 2012

a grumpy blog!!

I have to admit I am not very inspired this morning to write this blog.  As I was researching a new death fact I became a little sad. I am so over death and dying and dealing with breast cancer and all I really want to do is be back in Ibiza swimming in the sea and beginning a new creative project. I cannot leave Cusco as my credit card was stolen and the bank says it will take a month to send the new one over to me. And as I was just talking to my friend Danny from Ibiza it kind of made me feel a little restless. Lie.... very restless!! I ache for the sea and the almond trees and the red earth of my magic island so I am grumpy and a little down today so forgive me. I know I should be in the moment, full of gratitude, singing Om´s and all that but I just can´t, not every day. I am human and today I feel foul and bad tempered! But I just made a decision to change my mood by talking to my great friend Tristan who is in India. Life is way too short to be in a bad mood so a chat with him always makes me laugh and feel great!
So if any of you are feeling down and grumpy today then think of something you can do right now to change your mood. It may be the smallest of things like having a great cup of coffee or sitting on the floor and just thinking or oh hell the tiny choices are just endless. But do something cos I know it does work. And my call with Tristan has made me feel so much better so I shall now go and have some breakfast and actually get dressed. As for a death fact well I´m not even in the mood for writing it!! I feel like life facts instead.
I am a member of an Internet site that sends you a cool, positive quote every day. And the other day I received this...

"Stretch, stretch and stretch to see every perspective and nothing shall keep you from joy".

Well I reckon I am being stretched and stretched and now I have to go and find the joy bit!! God isn´t it easy to send out happy positive quotes to millions every day but the frigging hard bit is trying to actually live them!!
And on that note breakfast!! 
Have a great day wherever you are and if you a feeling grumpy too then hey that is perfect, cos it would be way too boring if we were all fabulous every day!

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  1. Wow! Ibiza!!! I have such a longing to go there one day too...

    As for a month for a new credit card - that's ridiculous!