Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding beauty!

Wouldn´t life be just great if we could get up every single morning feeling fabulous? Honestly, that truly is my goal but there are days when you crawl out of bed with no passion, no enthusiasm and you would simply prefer to dive straight back under the douve. Such was this morning and I am still struggling to find the joy, the gratitude and the magic. I think the effect of the Reiki treatment I had yesterday is still with me, plus it is a full moon and of course I want to be out of here and am stuck cos of my credit card so I reckon the effect of all that plus not to mention cancer and who knows now maybe even bone cancer is kind of affecting the joy factor!! But hey things can only get better and friends are the best tonic ever. 
I ran over to the Healing House for a green power juice to be met by Nikki who said,
"Hey I just had a dream about you. You won´t like this first bit cos you told me you were dying and we both cracked up laughing  cos we were both real old and I know you are going to be around for years". So that cheered me up. We are now beginning to work together. She has a vision of Healing Houses all over the globe, the first one to be here in Cusco and I, in the background am going to be her magic manifestor. And when I arrive in Ibiza my vision is Light Houses throughout Europe, sort of drop in creative centres where no matter what your problem is you leave after a session full of light, positive energy and way happier than before you arrived. Yet another totally wild, non practical idea which somehow will become a reality.
After my Reiki session yesterday Nikki and I were talking about beauty and throughout my life I have been blessed to have seen so many beautiful, wonderous things and I know when we can truly open our eyes and hearts to all the magic around us it changes our day. Coming home from the Healing House the sun was shining I spent a moment in a lovely garden and I actually began to feel better. So wherever you are step outside into the sunshine and find something beautiful to touch your soul and whatever you are feeling I know you will feel better.

And I just love this photo of a little friend of Jack´s who came with me to the market a while back. His name is Corrie and when I had my bag stolen he gave me all his pocket money, two dollars and fifty cents, in a little Peruvain purse which I treasure. So you see every cloud does have a silver lining and Corrie´s generosity certainly touched my soul!! Have a lovely day and send some magic around the world for the new moon!!xx

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