Monday, January 9, 2012

Normally I write my blog in the evenings after the adventures of the day but as it is Monday morning I thought I would do a stack of e mails and get the computer stuff out of the way so here I am. And I am now beginning my reasearch on death to cheer myself up!! No truly, think about this.... the Incas actually performed sacrifices on children and fattened them up a year before they killed them with a high proetien diet, which probably means they had to eat a load of guinea pigs. (main protein diet here in peru) I am trying to think how the children must have felt, well its unthinkable, so me facing my death dramas over breast cancer is nothing compared with those Inca kids. No,  I really mean this in a weird way it has cheered me up cos I had a rough night, with a lot of pain and still the amazing sensation that I am not leaving the planet...I have way more to do!! Now that could be denial, my ego or maybe a message from my soul...I have no idea and that is pretty amazing too. No one has any idea how long I will be down here so no matter how often we plan the funeral I am still thinkng of a holiday in Morocco with Jane and Jack in the Autumn.
Right, I think it´s now time to wander down to the market and have a green juice, then go to the bank to sort out how on earth I can have a new credit card after our little robbery so then I an buy my ticket and return to Spain and my island!
Oh and here is a fabulous photo of Jane and soul family.
Have a lovely day and dont forget to go and have an adventure!

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