Monday, January 30, 2012

The fifth dimension!

I am now writing this for the third time cos somehow I seem to keep pressing a button that is eradicating my pink prose. Maybe it is because I am writing about the fifth dimension and those above are testing my patience!!! Anyway who cares as today I feel fabulous, the best I have in over a month and I am convinced it is because I am entering the fifth dimension more and more, no seriously, check this out, posted today from the fabulous fashion queen in  Lima, Camilla Huntington.....

The fifth dimension is a super-conscious area of clear white light, of simultaneous knowledge, insight and intuition, of all form in time and space and of divine consciousness. Most experience 5th dimension through brief intuitive flashes and insights. To prolong 5th dimension consciousness it is important to develop sound mental and physical habits.

Now if you read it through it is actually not that complicated and quite possible for all of us to connect more and more to this dimension and maybe that is what we are all evolving too. The more we trust our intuition and follow our bliss and ignore all the negativity around us then we are more connected to this fifth dimension. I reckon over the past five years of following this alternative healing path I am definitely moving and more into this understanding and if I had listened to the Doctors etc I would certainly by now, be in a pink box  So when I meditated this morning and tuned into my intuition I felt that during this past month there has been some sort of cleansing process going on in my body and the pains are nothing to do with cancer. I cannot now eat certain foods, my sensitivity has accelerated, all sorts of things are going on that I cannot explain but I implicitly trust the intelligence of my body and shall continue to believe there is some force guiding me and all I have to do is surrender and I will be lead to Ibiza and to create my little Light House.

So on that fabulously positive note I shall now go and have a late lunch. Thank you, Camilla, for sending me that comment which I am sure will inspire many people to continue to follow their bliss and listen to their own intuition more and more!!
And a wild photo of Jack as this blog was getting a little serious!!
Have a lovely day wherever you are and if anyone has any more info on the fifth dimension please send it to me.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peru to India!!

Well I have not been exactly prolific this week with my pink prose as I have spent much of the week reclining and moaning in bed! Now as crazy as this seems I am going to tell you the two options I seem to be facing....either I am truly dying fast and those creative cancer cells are racing round my body  determined to have me out of here in a pink box or I am becoming a fifth dimensional light being!! And of course I have chosen to think the latter which made Jane roar with laughter when I told her about it. 

You see, all week pains have been flowing through my spine, legs, kidneys and two people told me that it was kundalini energy rising and I wasn´t to worry about it. So of course I way prefer that and apparently some huge blast of light energy hit the planet last week and that was on one of the days where I was in bed moaning. And because I am here in Cusco, one of the high vibrational centres of the Universe, then who knows what the hell is happening and why couldn´t this all be because of shifting energy? So I am sticking to that and today bounced out of bed feeling fabulous and to celebrate had a coffee!!

Then I lay on the bed in the fuchsia pink room that is my office to talk to my angelic friend in India, Tristan!! Everyone should have a Tristan in their life, no truly, he is one of those people that no matter what you are feeling, he makes you feel a million dollars instead of a waste of space. He is an NLP maestro and his ability to find the right words at the right moment is truly remarkable. So he took me through my vision of the future, where I truly do see a Light House in Ibiza and of course he is part of the vision. Somehow we will manifest this house and it will spin off into some magical story. The how and the where and the money and all those details are of little importance for I know only too well that when a dream is in your heart it will be created and this has to be created. Walking through this exercise with him was very powerful and helped me gain more and more clarity, which is the key to visualisation. And I suggest if you are wishing to create something in your life you do the same exercise with a friend. Simply talk through whatever it is you wish to create in the future but right down to tiny details, like the colour of the walls, or the flowers in the garden or whatever it is who are dreaming about. The more clarity you have about the dream the more it will inevitably come true. 

I think I talked about this in my last blog but it seems so important to me right now and using our imagination is one of the most powerful things we have and we forget this!! So don´t, please keep imagining every day and you will be amazed at what will happen to you.

And don´t you think it is just amazing how you can talk for free with skype from Peru to India? I think it´s a miracle and having Tristan as my friend is a miracle too. Honestly if you haven´t got into skype then just do it cos keeping in touch with friends around the world is one of the most wonderful things down here. Without friends, life is just not worth living!!

Right time for one more little coffee and I will check if I have a photo that you might wish to see. 
A typical scene at the market!! Have a beautiful day!xxx

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am sitting here at my desk wondering what to write about. I know I want to write as it always makes me feel more alive and positive especially right now as I so want to be by the sea and not high up in these granite mountains that make me feel sad! Last night, I lay in bed listening to the rain and reading a wonderful book, the Anastasia books and for those of you who have never heard of her, she is an extraordinary young woman who lives in Siberia and through a Russian man who found her in the forest and together they have created a series of nine books that are now published all over the world. Book four is all about our powers of creating and last night this line caught my eye,

"When the heart aspires to something in a dream, invariably - invariably, believe me, it must all come true in life."

I love that line, I find it utterly inspirational and as the rain continued to pour down my thoughts flew to Ibiza and the Light House I wish to create. Then this morning I opened my e mails and received one from a magical friend who is thinking of coming to live in Ibiza and maybe would like to create a healing centre with me. 
I couldn´t imagine doing anything more fabulous and it makes me feel that the vision I hold so clearly in my heart could become a reality even if every bone in my body had cancer and it doesn´t!! So I feel so much lighter and happier this morning and ready to go home to my island. I shall continue to be super patient waiting for my card and enjoy all the magical things that I so love here and prepare my soul for its next adventure!! So think about this quote and remind yourself that whatever you dream can also become a reality no matter how wild and crazy it may seem there is always a way to manifest the things that are in our hearts.

So now it is time to wander off to the market and find a photo for you. And here is Chellah, Jack´s cat, who lives with us and is continually having adventures!
So I hope you have an adventure today wherever you are for adventures keep us alive though right now I just wish for gentle ones!xxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little miracle!

Life is full of small miracles and today was fabulous because when I arrived at the dentist to undergo a major drama all the infection had cleared up and the Dentist was totally surprised. I wasn´t cos I had decided to ignore taking the antibiotics, tune into my "inner doctor" and boosted up my Peruvian plants with extra doses of Macca and Graviola. So all I had to have was a cleaning. The relief was overwhelming and I think I shall celebrate by having a hair cut! This just goes to show that following your intuition really does work and to me it means that if my body can recover from an infection then maybe, just maybe, this whole story of bone cancer is not true at all. So all I have to now do is keep eating more and more, get myself super strong so I can fly back to Europe when the card arrives. 
I have learnt so much over the past five years of healing and if anyone wants to know more about my alternative journey then they can read my book "Cancer Healed Me" which is available on both as an e book and a real one!! My new book is called "Follow your bliss, if not what´s the point?" and that should be ready to buy in a few weeks and I think you might like it! And I am planning another one, a sort of 101 things to think about before you die!! I have already written eight thoughts so it´s in its early stages but the more I keep being challenged the more I have to think about!! However I have now asked the universe for simple, beautiful, normal every day challenges and I hope they up there are listening!

Photo time... This is a photo of my wonderful friend Eblynn who owns one of the most beautiful dress shop that I have ever visited. It is a magic shop and she designs magical dresses, dresses that make your soul sing, truly. We had lunch together today as she is about to go off travelling and I may not see her again for a while. She is one of the most talented women I know and yet despite her talent she doubts herself and her mind sometimes will not allow her to enjoy all the gifts she has. So many of us are like this and I know that however hard it maybe for all of us we have to ignore all the negative stuff wandering around our brain and embrace all our gifts wholeheartedly, if not what is the point of having them!!
So on that note have a lovely evening or day wherever you are and remember you truly are fabulous!! No matter what anyone else thinks!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding beauty!

Wouldn´t life be just great if we could get up every single morning feeling fabulous? Honestly, that truly is my goal but there are days when you crawl out of bed with no passion, no enthusiasm and you would simply prefer to dive straight back under the douve. Such was this morning and I am still struggling to find the joy, the gratitude and the magic. I think the effect of the Reiki treatment I had yesterday is still with me, plus it is a full moon and of course I want to be out of here and am stuck cos of my credit card so I reckon the effect of all that plus not to mention cancer and who knows now maybe even bone cancer is kind of affecting the joy factor!! But hey things can only get better and friends are the best tonic ever. 
I ran over to the Healing House for a green power juice to be met by Nikki who said,
"Hey I just had a dream about you. You won´t like this first bit cos you told me you were dying and we both cracked up laughing  cos we were both real old and I know you are going to be around for years". So that cheered me up. We are now beginning to work together. She has a vision of Healing Houses all over the globe, the first one to be here in Cusco and I, in the background am going to be her magic manifestor. And when I arrive in Ibiza my vision is Light Houses throughout Europe, sort of drop in creative centres where no matter what your problem is you leave after a session full of light, positive energy and way happier than before you arrived. Yet another totally wild, non practical idea which somehow will become a reality.
After my Reiki session yesterday Nikki and I were talking about beauty and throughout my life I have been blessed to have seen so many beautiful, wonderous things and I know when we can truly open our eyes and hearts to all the magic around us it changes our day. Coming home from the Healing House the sun was shining I spent a moment in a lovely garden and I actually began to feel better. So wherever you are step outside into the sunshine and find something beautiful to touch your soul and whatever you are feeling I know you will feel better.

And I just love this photo of a little friend of Jack´s who came with me to the market a while back. His name is Corrie and when I had my bag stolen he gave me all his pocket money, two dollars and fifty cents, in a little Peruvain purse which I treasure. So you see every cloud does have a silver lining and Corrie´s generosity certainly touched my soul!! Have a lovely day and send some magic around the world for the new moon!!xx

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Saturday morning here in Cusco, a little grey but I feel way better than yesterday. I now know that I have to leave here and follow my vision of creating a Light House in Ibiza however crazy that may appear to many of my friends. I walked through the grey streets this morning and my soul ached for the beach and for the countryside and an overwhelming sense of completion hit me, a sort of little death if you like. I have been involved in this city for over twelve years now in my work with building the home for kids and now it is time for my home even if it is a hut on the beach!  I keep thinking that all completions are a kind of death whether it be from relationships, jobs, countries and the only way to deal with them is acceptance and gratitude. If I struggle and fight this I will only make it worse so I might as well enjoy my last moments here and not make a drama out of it! So in a very weird kind of way it is yet another practice of letting go, with love, and if I was off to the pearly gates then I would have to be doing the same thing. Does this make sense?? 
All our experiences are utterly dependent on how we view them it is that simple so the more we view things with humour and love the more fun we have. Ok enough of trying to be philosophical and I shall whack in a photo. 

Well for some strange reason this is Jack´s birthday cake and maybe it appeared here, like magic, to remind me and you that life is a celebration. There is so much to enjoy down here and I know daily I have to keep reminding myself to stay in the present, not a give a damn about the future and really trust that everything I need will be upon my path when I need it. And that goes for all of you as well!!
So on that fabulously positive note I shall now meet a lovely friend and go down to the kids home and have lunch. Have a great weekend.x

Friday, January 20, 2012

a grumpy blog!!

I have to admit I am not very inspired this morning to write this blog.  As I was researching a new death fact I became a little sad. I am so over death and dying and dealing with breast cancer and all I really want to do is be back in Ibiza swimming in the sea and beginning a new creative project. I cannot leave Cusco as my credit card was stolen and the bank says it will take a month to send the new one over to me. And as I was just talking to my friend Danny from Ibiza it kind of made me feel a little restless. Lie.... very restless!! I ache for the sea and the almond trees and the red earth of my magic island so I am grumpy and a little down today so forgive me. I know I should be in the moment, full of gratitude, singing Om´s and all that but I just can´t, not every day. I am human and today I feel foul and bad tempered! But I just made a decision to change my mood by talking to my great friend Tristan who is in India. Life is way too short to be in a bad mood so a chat with him always makes me laugh and feel great!
So if any of you are feeling down and grumpy today then think of something you can do right now to change your mood. It may be the smallest of things like having a great cup of coffee or sitting on the floor and just thinking or oh hell the tiny choices are just endless. But do something cos I know it does work. And my call with Tristan has made me feel so much better so I shall now go and have some breakfast and actually get dressed. As for a death fact well I´m not even in the mood for writing it!! I feel like life facts instead.
I am a member of an Internet site that sends you a cool, positive quote every day. And the other day I received this...

"Stretch, stretch and stretch to see every perspective and nothing shall keep you from joy".

Well I reckon I am being stretched and stretched and now I have to go and find the joy bit!! God isn´t it easy to send out happy positive quotes to millions every day but the frigging hard bit is trying to actually live them!!
And on that note breakfast!! 
Have a great day wherever you are and if you a feeling grumpy too then hey that is perfect, cos it would be way too boring if we were all fabulous every day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living while dying!!

I took two days off to think! And after I had thought a great deal I made the decision to simply get on with the wild business of living and let the dying bit take care of itself! Does that make sense? Well it does to me. I am now prepared for the pearly gates, the pink funeral, jazz music, fiesta etc so no one needs to discuss that with me ever again and I now have to focus on life, big time!
So yesterday I spent the morning at the fabulous kids home I helped to build here in Cusco and if anyone wishes to check it out then our magical website is It is a truly inspirational place run by my friend Raquel who I teasingly call the Mother Teresa of Cusco. The home is for young mothers, mothers between the ages of 13 and 17, all of whom have been raped and have a child. Believe me, listening to their stories at times is utterly heart wrenching but these young mothers have taught me so much over the years so if anyone is interested in helping us further then please just get in touch.
And instead of a death fact today I am going to share with you five regrets of the dying which was sent to be by my wild friend Fiona on a tag on Facebook. It is a miracle I learnt how to find it and read so take a look at this and ponder for for yourself. The five regrets are....

1. I wish I´d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
2. I wish I didn´t work so hard.
3. I wish I´d had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

These came from a website called Top five regrets of the dying so please check it out if you like as it is rather beautiful. But I feel these comments are so important even if you are not dying. Have a think about them. 
I know I wish I had let myself be more happy during my time down here so I am big time practising now as I have just been to the dentist and need root canal treatment. I am the biggest coward ever and I am so tired of being challenged but I am determined to deal with this with very little drama, the minimum of pain and the maximum of bravery. I shall let you know how I get on!!
So, for a photo. Jack as a Domestic Goddess with our cup cakes that disappeared in the altitude!!
Oh forgot to add that the five tips ended with this....
Life is a choice.
It is your life.
Choose consciously.
Choose wisely.
Choose honestly.
Choose happiness.

Choose to follow your bliss!! That´s my suggestion and now go and have a large drink as this is getting a little too heavy. I shall have a bloody mary.
Oh and the more you see life in pink the more fun it is!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dying with Strippers!!!

I feel I owe you all an apology as yesterday I simply wasn´t in the mood for writing. It was a beautiful sunny morning and instead I went to a yoga class which I love. I hadn´t been for a few weeks as I had been feeling little rough and to stretch and move my body just felt fabulous and of course gave me a break from all this death and dying business!! Jane even came into my room this morning at ten o´ clock to make sure I was still alive! She though I might have disappeared in the night!!
Well I sure as hell have no intention of leaving for quiet a while and writing this blog is making me more determined than ever to stay down here. However, I know perfectly well it has nothing to do with me and when my soul decides she wishes to fly off and paint sunsets then obviously I have no choice but to follow. But while I am down here I have loads of wonderful choices and intend to keep visualizing my Light House on the magical island of Ibiza. And when it has been created then all you wonderful blog followers can come and visit!!
Meanwhile I came across a great site giving me details on weird and wonderful death rituals!! And I know this one will make you all laugh. In China, in the Donghai region, wherever that is, funerals are status symbols. A dead man´s reputation and honour is considered to be directly proportional to the number of people who attend his funeral. So relatives hire strippers to pull in the crowds!!! I certainly don´t think I will be doing that but you never know!!
I still haven´t worked out how to connect my photos onto my computer and haven´t worked out how to write to anyone. So bear with me and I really, really will try and get my brain round this  this week. I so want to reply to some beautiful comments I am receiving. I feel so lucky that so many of you have taken the time to write me, I really appreciate it. Ok so now for a photo. Right I definitely have to get my own photos loaded up and this is pretty terrible!!
Have a beautiful day wherever you are  and think about this..."the higher your perspective the cooler your life" will comment more on this manana!.
With lovex

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cup Cakes!

More and more people seem to be following this blog and it touches me and kind of worries me!! I lay in bed last night thinking of things to write and I had some  brilliant ideas and then this morning completly forget them and found myself instead of being at my computer, in the kitchen making cup cakes with Jack! It was his idea so we checked out a Nigella Lawson recipe and both of us trying hard to be domestic goddesses, made what we thought were fabulous cakes. However, baking in Cusco is a delicate business to put it mildly, due to the altitude, and when we opened the oven door well, the cakes somehow had overflowed and disappeared and we didn´t even have one cake to ice. But we laughed and will try again another morning. There will be a photo of our stunning cakes but tomorrow cos not worked out how to do that yet!!
So now it is later than normal and I am sitting here with a vast healthy juice to drink which takes me over an hour to do so and my head is full of thoughts. But one comes to mind. I received two beautiful comments yesterday from readers.  One from Shawn a magic friend of mine and another from a total stranger, Laverne. Shawn, from her studio in Spain was crying at the way I seem to be so lightly dealing with death and the whole sheebang and Laverne´s was thanking me for being able to discuss so honestly a subject that most of us are terrified about. She believes that if we all could discuss it openly then we would all enjoy our time down here so much more and I totally agree with her!
Writing this blog and researching death etc is helping me in so many ways. I am fascinated by all that I am discovering and I know that I am living in a way happier way than if I was running away from death. For me it is so much easier to embrace something that is inevitably upon all our paths and as death is dressed in pink for me and will guide me lovingly and gently to wherever the hell we truly do go, so much of my fear has dissipated.
The Ancient Greeks totally believed there was a right time and a right place to die and at the moment of death a person reached a higher level of consciousness. Their funeral rites were elaborate and beautiful and to read about them this morning lifted my spirits. If anyone who is reading this is facing the same journey as me then I really recommend you read up about the Ancient Greeks. It is truly inspiring.
We sadly seem to have lost our rituals when dealing with death. We dress up in black, are utterly miserable and forget to totally celebrate the life of those who wander up to the pearly gates. I honestly want a pink funeral and last night when I couldn´t get to sleep I was thinking of all kinds of pink food even down to pink cup cakes but I had better ask Jack´s Mum to make them cos I reckon Jack might have another culinary disaster!!
Wow computers are just amazing! I went into mine to find a photo and up came a word in Spanish I clicked it having no idea what it was and look at these utterly beautiful lotus flowers. This flower has accompanied me on my entire healing journey and my friend Shawn painted the most glorious watercolour which is somewhere on this blog.
Right back to the juice. Then a walk on this magical sunny day to the market. Wherever you are I hope you all have a magical day and even if you are going through a tough time take a moment for you and go and do something lovely!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Die smiling!!

Well dying must be a fun topic for some cos I have now have 17 followers! And yes I am again over the moon. So it is a beautiful Cusco morning and I decided with Jane last night to ignore the conversation with my Shaman and let her stay in her reality cos I am quite happy in mine!!
In the middle of the night I kept thinking that each of us lives down here creating their own unique reality. Right now, I am creating mine to be as healthy and fabulous as possible and who knows with meditation and postive thinking and a great diet and  this powerful feeling that I have not finished down here I might have years ahead of me. This is MY reality. But if someone else´s is, I have bone cancer, then that reality is not exactly vibrating with mine, is it??? So the point here is to be super conscious of everything that is around me and ignore anything that does not vibrate with how I am trying to live and heal. Does that make sense?? Well it does to me! And I suggest you try it to....if things around you are not making you happy and alive and feeling fabulous then make some changes before you begin dying!!! ok.
Now for your historical death tip for the day. Get this, cos it really made me laugh. The Ancient Phonecians apparently couldn´t handle dealing with their elderly citizens who were dying and so to make themselves feel better they gave them a plant based potion which forced a smile on their faces, then they were ritualsitcally killed!! And this was the same for convicts, murderers etc. So everyone died with a great smile on their faces!! I just love finding out all these crazy facts. Maybe I should go to the Pub quiz tonight here in Cusco, I am sure if there were questions on death I would now be a total expert!!
Right now for a photo. I have no idea who took this but it was in my computer and as I really want to paint sunsets then this is my kind of sunset....lots of pink!!! Wow it really would be the most amazing job, don´t you think, to paint the sunset every evening. I honestly couldnt think of anything more lovely!! So on that fabulously positive note have a magic day and more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Over the moon!

I am over the moon....I have three blog followers and though I have no idea who they are it makes me feel great that people out there, somewhere, are actually reading my thoughts!! So I had better make them fabulous thoughts, inspiring, uplifting etc. though I have to confess today I am not in an inspired mood as I have been struggling for the past hour to drink some concoction that my Shaman has made me for me and she will kill me if i don´t drink it! Tonight she is to talk to me so I can face reality (thought I should put that in the dreaded black) probably meaning death yet again!! She is convinced the cancer is in my bones and I am convinced that I am going to be down here for years to come, writing this blog and creating my healing vision in Ibiza. So my life right now feels sort of like Russian Roulette so you have to keep reading my pink prose to see what happens!
As for the latest death research I had a great time yesterday looking up stuff on the way the Egypticians dealt with dying and it was truly fabulous. For them death was simply a temporary interuption to life and not the complete end of it. I find this very comforting. Plus they believed that when they left the body they would face a counsel who would weigh their heart on scale with a feather. If the heart weighed less than the feather then wham you were through the pearly gates and if it was heavier well you were sent somewhere else!!! I love that idea.
And then I came up with an original idea of my own! DIE.... for me now means Dare I Expand? And yes I do dare, for life is all about growth and expansion, adventures and exploring  cos if it wasn´t then why bother being down here??
Right that is enough thoughts for today so I will see if I can find a photo for you of me.... someone asked for one so you can judge for yourselves if it looks like I am leaving for the pearly gates this week!!!
I think I have a lot of life left in me and with the amazing help of my wonderful friend Jane, who I am sure wishes on occasion that I was already at the pearly gates, I reckon I will be down here for a lot longer. And if not, then that is fabulous too. I shall ask God if I can be in charge of painting the sunsets. I cound´t think of a nicer job!!
So until tomorrow have fun, laugh lots and never take anything too seriously, epsecially yourself!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Normally I write my blog in the evenings after the adventures of the day but as it is Monday morning I thought I would do a stack of e mails and get the computer stuff out of the way so here I am. And I am now beginning my reasearch on death to cheer myself up!! No truly, think about this.... the Incas actually performed sacrifices on children and fattened them up a year before they killed them with a high proetien diet, which probably means they had to eat a load of guinea pigs. (main protein diet here in peru) I am trying to think how the children must have felt, well its unthinkable, so me facing my death dramas over breast cancer is nothing compared with those Inca kids. No,  I really mean this in a weird way it has cheered me up cos I had a rough night, with a lot of pain and still the amazing sensation that I am not leaving the planet...I have way more to do!! Now that could be denial, my ego or maybe a message from my soul...I have no idea and that is pretty amazing too. No one has any idea how long I will be down here so no matter how often we plan the funeral I am still thinkng of a holiday in Morocco with Jane and Jack in the Autumn.
Right, I think it´s now time to wander down to the market and have a green juice, then go to the bank to sort out how on earth I can have a new credit card after our little robbery so then I an buy my ticket and return to Spain and my island!
Oh and here is a fabulous photo of Jane and soul family.
Have a lovely day and dont forget to go and have an adventure!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

a dying week but with laughter!!

Hello!! Well so much for writing this every day but you have to forgive me as the past week has been somewhat deathly, culminating with once again, all my worldly goods being stolen from under my feet in a great restaurant here in Cusco.
So for the dying bit first, well we are not exactly sure what happened but I feel I poisoned my body with some healing concoction from America. The effects were overwhelming and left me four days in bed, passing out on the kitchen floor, my shaman saying she saved my life plus thinking I now have bone cancer, which I most certainly dont´t and Jack and Jane basically planning my pink funeral. But the body and the soul have marvellous powers of recuperation and on Friday I felt so much better and by Saturday wanted to go out to lunch to see a friend who had been robbed the night before...Kia´s Mum, the little friend who came with Jack and me to the airport.
Here she is having a chocolate milkshake in her air hostess costume!

Anyway the strangest think happened..over our fish soup Natalie was telling us about the robbery and I asked her to stop cos, once before when someone was going over the details of being robbed I was then robbed the next day. And here we go again. She leaves the table to go with Jane to buy some cakes for tea and I am busy takling with Raquel my darling friend who runs the home we built together for kids, and wham I look down and no bag! No credit card, no money, no fabulous sun hat, no nothing and I laugh. I truly laugh and realise yet again that one of the great things about dying is that you truly do not give a damn about the things that don´t matter. And my robbery made everyone else laugh too and the day ended on a total high.
So I am now wondering what is going to happen to me this week...should I get out of bed or simply lie there reading a fabulous book?
However i do have an appointment with an australian clairvoyant to see if he can see when i shall be arriving at the pearly gates!! So make sure you read the next blog! bye for now and go and have some fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year´s day in Cusco!

Hello and Happy New Year to whoever might be reading this! I believe this year, 2012, could be absolutely fabulous for everyone if we believed that we could truly create our own unique realities. So I am going to keep on creating my belief that I shall be down here on this planet for next Christmas and if I am not then that is perfectly fine too. If there is perfection in every snowflake then there is perfection in every death but right now I am focusing my thoughts to find a plane to return to Europe as my time here in Cusco is coming to an end. I still have a few more adventures to explore with my godson Jack and then it will be London and back to the island of Ibiza. My intention is to create The Light House, some kind of healing place, not exactly sure what and of course I have no idea where or how and have no money but if it is supposed to manifest then it will. But meanwhile the most important thing is to live each moment, one day at a time, for none of us know what the next moment could bring to us. And I don´t think I have much else to write today as last night I was up late with Jane and Jack, Kia and Natalie, watching the fireworks of Cusco, drinking champagne, laughing and having fun and today of course I feel a little fragile. So again I wish you the most magical, fabulous New Year and don´t worry about the end of the world, I think the Mayans simply got bored of writing their complicated calendar and all sorts of amazing things are about to happen on our planet!!!! Until tomorrow!