Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day one of my blog in cusco peru

I find this amazing that I am sitting in Cusco, Peru, creating a blog called Dying with Laughter! Yes I know we are all dying daily and most of us are unaware of it but I happen to have breast cancer and have spent the past five years healing alternatively! But most of my time, I now realise, has been spent avoiding death and not living and healing with enough joy. So  the night before Christmas Eve with my magic friend Jane we talked and laughed about death in such a fabulously healthy way that I felt inspired to create this blog.
Death should be amazing adventure and nothing to fear at all so I intend with all the time I have left, and I have no idea how long that will be, to live joyously and with much laughter and research death and dying with passion, integrity and as much humor as I can.
So I hope you can join me in this, my new adventur,e and reaslise that this blog is really about life, and laughter and love and passion and will not be that much to do with death at all. And when it is it will, I hope change your vision of death forever!

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  1. Hello Emily,
    I am interested in this subject too, even though as far as I know I have not got any terminal illnesses, only that occasionally I feel deep despair and overwhelming sadness, and I see that I am dying instead of living. So I will be following your blog occasionally, and I thank you for your inspiration and life! With love from your first fan, Pinky Luscious