Thursday, February 2, 2012

a near brush with death!!

Typical, I am in rush to leave to go away for a few days and have written this blog once and it has disappeared. If it goes again that´s it! I have not packed, am totally disorganised but felt i wanted to write this before I left as yesterday the computer was not working. So in the ever dramatic scenario of life in Cusco, not only are we dealing with death, cancer, stolen credit card but now a possible earthquake!! The night before found Jane me and Jack in the bathroom with blankets and pillows, food supplies as we contemplated what we should exactly do. We have woke up with the most horrendous bang and a blast of energy through us, looking on the internet we discovered there had been a huge earth tremor about an hour away with the effect reaching us. A moment yet again of facing the dark reaper!! Jack was terrified and Jane and I icy calm, she going for a cigarette, she is trying to give up and me a chocolate soya milk with a very large dash of rum. We decided if this was the end of life as we knew it we would do it in style. Anyway after an hour or so of dithering and waiting for the next blast of whatever we returned to bed to live anther day!!
So now I am off to the valley and will not be writing for a few days. And no time to mess with photos either!! So have a great few days wherever you are and thank you Tristan for the most beautiful comment on this wild blog. Right now there seems to be no time at all to think about dying as the living is taking up all my thoughts and energy!!! Which has to be a good thing, no?!
So I shall now press the publish button and hope this gets where it is meant to go!!

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