Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Violin.

Well it has been over one week since I have sat in the pink room to write to you. And it has been a week full of adventures, growth, stuff, life and death. So what´s new?!!! 

Quote of the week for me is "none of us get out of here alive" which I think is a great thing to remember. And the other part of it is  "there is no such thing as death"!! So there we have the divine dichotomy which seems to be part of my every day existence until I fly to Ibiza and can switch off and go swimming every day and forget about all this intense healing stuff! Am I sick of it or what!!!

So the challenge of the week, after the most magical time in the sacred valley, was a new friend thought he was possibly dying and I accompanied him, for at least at least ten hours and more, through the labyrinth of clinics, poor hospitals, ambulances, cat scan x rays etc etc. Now I am the worst person on the entire planet to go through this as I loathe hospitals, machines, the smells of disinfectant everything and yet we laughed, read poetry, talked about death and dying and it was most the most uplifting, wild time ever. We ended up in a fabulous hotel for one night to celebrate life as the doctors had found nothing wrong with him despite the most severe symptoms so he possibly created all this with his mind, we shall see. Meanwhile I am back in Cusco, at last with a credit card and now planning my ticket back to Europe, hurray! I am so ready to leave but I have a feeling I am to be challenged until the very last moment.

I don´t feel like writing more just now as this truly has been one of the most intense few days of my time here but I want to leave you with the words of the most magical poet I have ever encountered, Hafiz, a Persian mystical poet whose book "The Gift" is truly sublime. It was this book that John and I read to each other during our challenging time together. If you have never come across this poet then I suggest you order "The Gift", might be one of the most beautiful gifts you will give yourself!! It was so hard to choose which poem to quote from but I finally decided on this one, called The Violin which is exquisite and sums up so beautifully the road of healing.
                                                             The Violin
                                           the violin can forgive the past
                                           it starts singing.

                                           When the violin can stop
                                           worrying about the future

                                           You will become
                                           such a drunk laughing nuisance

                                           that God
                                           will then lead down
                                           and start combing you
                                           into his hair.

                                            When the violin can forgive
                                            every wound caused by 

                                            the heart starts

I don´t know about you but I find these words utterly magical and I would love to hear your comments if you a moment to write to me!!!
Have a beautiful day wherever you are. Love x

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