Saturday, March 3, 2012

Patience..... for this is Peru!

Hello from the lovely dress shop!
If ever you wanted to learn patience big time then I suggest a visit to Peru!! Nothing ever goes as you plan it and so you learn to take each day at a time and never plan too far ahead. So now the Shaman meeting is next Tuesday with both Shamans, the Maestro and Alberto his assistant. Each day they continue to work on me and I am beginning to feel very strange, tired, quiet, and solitary with gentle shifts in my physical body.  All very weird but I have surrendered totally to this process and can only follow my heart which tells me I am exactly where I have to be and somewhere all is perfect, despite the feeling of every day being so surreal!

But tomorrow, Paula, another wonderful friend of mine and Kerry's is in town and she will be great to see, a wild woman full of life and wisdom. I met both her and Kerry four years ago when I was in the jungle for the first adventure and we have remained friends ever since. Maybe our time together was so profound that the connection stays with us and for this stage of this strange journey I couldn't be around any other people. They are creative, adventurous, strong women and along with Heidi and Tira who have arranged all this for me I feel protected and guided. If you want to see the film they are making then look it up on U tube.. "When two worlds Collide". It is strange how the title makes me think of how now, two different worlds are colliding - the world of Western medicine and Quantum Physics colliding with the ancient world of shamanism. Yet instead of colliding in conflict, which is the subject of Heidi's  and Tira's film, this collision, I hope, will create a wondrous healing and from this, influence and help other people who wish to heal in their own unique way.

Though for now all I am dealing with is this weird feeling of being in No man's Land, a twilight zone where I have to patiently wait for the next directions of where I have to go. Letting go of my ticket has thrown me a little and if this is all yet another lesson about being in The now then I reckon I have now passed the test and can move on to something else!! 

I can't write anymore for now, I have no inspiration. So I wish you all a magical week end until I write again with the next installment!!
With much love and thanks for following this story and being so wonderful, especially a big thanks to pinky luscious for her magic e mail this morning!xxxxxx

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