Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh for a Pina colada!!

Hello from my little guest house in Pisac,

Oh for a Pina colada or a Margarita or some vast delicious bar of chocolate. This healing business can be so so intense and tonight as I sit here writing this I truly wish I was sipping some fabulous cocktail and listening to a jazz band. There are moments when it could be so easy to simply give up, let life bring me what it will and then suddenly someone´s story touches your soul so deeply that you think, hey my life is truly a bowl of cherries compared to so many. So away with the victim stuff and let me tell you the most profoundly sad story I have ever heard. And I have a hope it will have a happy ending.

The other night I was in a restaurant with John watching football of all things and I began a conversation with a couple on the next table, to keep this short I told them about John´s work as a chiropractor. The man had back troubles and agreed to come for an appointment. Well again keeping it short he never turned up but he told a friend of his about John and she came to visit with her Mother. The Mother looked utterly desperate and sitting downstairs with me in the courtyard she opened her heart telling me she no longer wanted to live. Two years ago she had been involved in a huge flood in this village where many people had died. As the river broke its banks she was working with a group of friends and eight of them drowned. She was saved but because she was the head of the group who were responsible for cleaning the river the people of the town felt she was responsible fro their deaths and began a legal process against her. She was traumatised, her body unable to control its shaking and its fear, and she fell into a depression too afraid to walk into the streets to hear the cruel words thrown at her from the towns people. 

Her life is in ruins and watching the tears fall down her sad cheeks my heart just went out to this stranger. We talked for a little while and I promised I would work with her every week if she truly truly felt she wanted to live. John gave her a treatment and promised to give her two a week for something like five dollars. Between us I have this feeling of hope, that somehow this woman can change her story and begin her life again. I know it may sound naive but at the same time I know she is upon my path to share a little of all I have learnt in the past five years. And for me she was a yet another lesson.... to truly feel, every day,  gratitude for all the help and love that constantly surrounds me. My life is indeed so rich and when I hear a story like this it always acts as a wake-up call for me to remember just how blessed I am. This week alone so many people have contacted me with such love and support as I attempt this transformation. Even my brother who has not been in contact for ages is now going to help me with this transition. And my cousin John and Col my amazing fairy godmother hold out their hands and hearts constantly with such love and support that it is overwhelming.

I know, that every story no matter how deeply sad, has a gift but wow sometimes the stories are so unbelievably dark that to help this woman find a gift within all this pain will not be easy. If I can do it then maybe at last I am becoming whole and healed and this journey of deep introspection and not drinking pina coladas and having fun might just hold an amazing gift not only for her but for me as well. Maybe at last I am ready to give back a little of all that I have received. I shall tell you how the story unfolds.

So now I shall go to bed. It has been a long rich day in this little town in the Andes! I hope that your day wherever you spent it was rich and wonderful and I shall now leave you until the next time.

With much love to you all Emilyxxx

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