Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Healing in Pisac

Hello everyone!
A big apology for having not been in touch for a little while. My wonderful friend, pinky luscious sent me an e mail quietly telling me I should give my news more often otherwise everyone will think I have disappeared into the jungle and been eaten by a  crocodile or whatever!! But no, I am high up in the Andes, and simply  transforming my dis-ease into more and more light. I am totally ignoring all the death like grumblings from the shamans and anyone else and know deep, deep in my soul that I will not be disappearing from this wonderful planet for a long, long time. I have my vision of my Lighthouse to create which is almost ready to send out and many other things to give and share with those who are facing this gift, for that is truly how I see it every day. I am full of gratitude for the wild path I walk and though at times it is super hard yet he gifts always present themselves upon my path.

I am sending my wild tumor back to the light from where it came through working with a magical light box lent to me by my friend John. I find it quite extraordinary that in my book "Cancer healed me" I kept repeating over and over again how I wanted "Lolita" to return to the light and now she is going, of this I have no doubt. I see the change in the tissue every evening. And when I changed my homeopathic remedy to lead, I received the message that I was full of life and not going anywhere so there we go. Thus pinky, any fears you have about me put them to one side and go and drink a fabulous glass of red wine sitting on your white sofa in your beautiful kitchen that I miss so much!!

And what else to tell you of my life here in the mountains? It is a time of deep introspection, working with the quantum aspect of healing of shifting the neurological pathways to the brain and quietly telling the brain that I am perfect, healed and not going anywhere!! So I mediate intensively, write my vision and work gently on the old, ancient dark patterns that still exist in my cellular memory and some days arise like a tsunami bathing me in a sad pain that I look at as an old friend, treat with respect and then let go back to the light. These dark patterns have to be totally eradicated for a new,healthy, fabulous me to appear and for this reason I am quietly letting go of the name of Dot and embracing my new name Emily Hilton. So please as much as you all can try and begin to think of me as Emily and when you write and talk of me call me by new name. As I told Jane, at least I didn´t choose, Rainbow or Shanti Om, but for me, Emily rings with a confidence and light that never worked with Dot.. please help me in this new transformation by embracing this. Thank you. It may sound crazy to many of you but part of this new creation of pathways to the brain is almost like creating a new personality. The essence of me obviously will stay the same but as I work away at breaking those old patterns there will be way more light and power and authenticity in my new walk which has so many wonderful things to be explore and discover.

Of course in so many ways I would far rather be drinking a glass of wine, chatting with my friends, creating and laughing but I know I have to accept this solitary moment and see it for all the gifts it is bringing me. So that is it for the moment. I now need to go and eat and take some time to wander up the mountain to the humming bird field. It as filled with glorious orange flowers and at certain times of the day you can see maybe over 50 humming birds...quite magical.

Wherever you all are I think of you and send you so much love. All of my magic friends are in my heart and always will be even if for a few days I dont´t write. So remember that Pinky and have that glass of wine. And that goes for everyone..go and have a fabulous glass of wine tonight and celebrate who you are and where you are and the magic of life!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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