Thursday, December 29, 2011

At the airport!

Today was a fabulous day! I took my godson Jack and his little friend Kia for breakfast at the airport in Cusco and our dream was to visit a real plane. Our dream came true!  After our eggs and toast and chocolate milkshakes we spent the morning inside a helicopter and a twelve seater plane all thanks to a wonderful pilot who had the read The Secret and knew all about manifesting! I had taken along my book "Cancer Healed Me" just in case I needed to play the dying godmother with her last wish but I needn´t have bothered as the pilot was such a dish and so helpful. Photos will follow tomorrow when I have worked out how to do that bit cos right now I am a total virgin blogger!
And now I am too tired to write more. It is time for Sonya, my Peruvian healer, to come to the house to slap a load of herbs on my breast and yell at me that I am not eating enough! Oh the joys of healing alternatively but it beats chemo any day! I am sipping ginger beer instead of a Bloody Mary to give me some energy as flying planes was quite exhausting! Tomorrow is a planned trip to a museum to see a Mummy. So dying with laughter is never dull. Goodnight until tomorrow!

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